5 Top Beautiful Places To Get Married

5 Top Beautiful Places To Get Married

Posted by Bali Happy Events at July 12, 2017

1. Bali
Bali has become a major destination wedding and honeymoon just because of the magical charm and exotic beaches. The island of Bali offers more than just a very beautiful beach. Bali offers more than 1 wedding theme, not only wedding beside the beach, Bali also provides the wedding as desired by the bride and groom. For example married by using elephants held by Elephant Safari Lodge. There are many more that are presented on the island of Bali, so do not hesitate to plan your wedding on the island of Bali.

2. Hawaii
For many people, the dream of marriage is identical to a Hawaiian wedding. In order for your skin to be exposed to the sun, feeling the warmth of Hawaii's warm sand and admiration by the sea is a dream come true. There are many beaches to choose from. In the south of the island, you can find quiet beaches, while the more beautiful west side becomes very crowded.

3. France
What could be more romantic and beautiful than getting married in a castle in the most romantic country in the world? Le Château d'Esclimont is located near the city of love, Paris is the perfect place for the fabulous wedding fairy tales you have always dreamed of. 150 acres of plantation is the residence of La Rochefoucauls family and is one of the most beautiful locations to get married. Your guests can fish, hiking, horseback riding and experience in the perfect country.

4. Australia
In this world, there is no more private place to marry except Wilson Island. As one part of the Great Barrier Reef, the island is surrounded by white sand beaches and blue sea with the most biota in the world.

Uniquely, you can make a wedding on this tiny island. Six luxury tents above sea level are ready to entertain guests. You can also directly see the underwater beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, while enjoying intimacy with your closest relatives on a desert island. Wedding packages on the island include bouquets of flowers, wine, as well as accommodation and transportation for each person.

5. Venice, Italy
The famous scenery of Venice is very warm and romantic to be the choice of the bride and groom to hold their wedding there. Married to a gondola in Venice is the dream of all brides. Gradually climbing the majestic gondola along the canal from the most romantic city in the world while exchanging wedding vows, it is usually the most romantic theme of marriage. With its stunning monument location, this most beautiful city in the world makes a perfect place for its lover.

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