Getting Married In Bali: Hotel Vs Villa

Getting Married In Bali: Hotel Vs Villa

Posted by Bali Happy Events at August 08, 2020

This is often the big question we get asked, when deciding on your Bali wedding should I have it at a Hotel or Private Villa?? There are pros and cons to both options but here at Bali Happy Events we believe that the advantages and flexibility of Villas far outweigh hotels. This is why we are Bali Villa Wedding specialists and are preferred planners for many of the Villa management agencies. Villas are simply hard to beat and I will attempt to explain why.

Wedding venue in Bali

Puri Wulandari


That’s not to say some hotels don’t meet our criteria at Bali Happy Events there are a number of hotels that we believe do tick enough boxes to become a viable option. So before putting a deposit for that hotel wedding package that seems just too good to be true make sure you check the details, or better yet contact us at Bali Happy Events and get some professional advice from an event planning company that is in its 10th year and has organized countless weddings. Unfortunately, there are many people who have been quick to sign up for their dream Bali Wedding Package only to find out after a few hidden catches.

  1. Use of vendors- many hotels have their own in-house wedding planners, stylists, hair and make-up, DJs, etc and they expect that you use them. If you decide you would like to use somebody else often you will be hit with a big fee this can become a very large expense if you start choosing your own musicians, celebrant, planner, and so on quickly adding a tidy sum to your final bill. Most Villas give you the freedom to use Vendors of your choice with no extra costs associated with it. If you are planning a bespoke wedding and already have in mind certain suppliers it is best to check what the extra costs will be or better yet leave this to your trusted wedding planner.
  2. Privacy- Now this can be a big one most hotels simply aren’t able to provide exclusive areas just for your wedding and even having areas cordoned off will attract the looks from other hotel guests. Can you imagine having your beach ceremony surrounded by guests in their bikinis and speedos? Not a pleasant thought let alone the photos. Villas on the other hand offer you 100% exclusivity for you and your guests so you can guarantee that you will be sharing your Bali Wedding with only those with an invitation.
  3. Food & Beverage- This in itself is often the big one that steers people away from hotels the cost of the food and beverage packages. The initial “package” that they offer may seem cheap but once you start paying 4and 5-star Hotel prices for drinks the price quickly increases almost astronomically in some cases, hotels will also often be rigid in terms of their drink selections only providing what’s available on their menu. With Villas you are able to take advantage of the many beverage suppliers throughout the island offering tailored packages to best suit your requirements. Another thing to remember is that hotels advertise their prices exclusive of taxes so don’t forget to add 21% on to the price.

Pandawa Estate Villa

Pandawa Cliff Estate Villa


Wedding venue in Bali

Hanani Villa


These are just some of the points to keep in mind there is also the curfew allowance most Hotels only allow your party to continue to 10.30 or 11pm while Villas will let you kick on to midnight. All seem a bit daunting?  Why not contact us and we can start planning your Bali wedding together.

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