Wedding Venues Part I: Villas Wedding

Wedding Venues Part I: Villas Wedding

Posted by Bali Happy Events at September 26, 2017

Villas are the most spectacular and often extravagant venues for weddings in Bali. A villa wedding gives you the freedom to custom design every element of your big day. So it is truly unique. You won’t be pushed into using any particular vendor and you can pretty much take over the whole venue. You will also enjoy ultimate privacy with the option to accommodate some of your guests depending on the size of the villa. It is priceless to be able to stroll or stumble back to your room after the festivities have come to a close. There are a few smaller villas. But the majority are able to host larger events with between 30 to 100 guests. Some villas will have a minimum stay requirement so it is worth keeping an eye these types of rules so you can manage your budgets.

Source: Bali Wedding Blog

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