Wedding Venues Part II: Hotel Wedding

Wedding Venues Part II: Hotel Wedding

Posted by Bali Happy Events at September 27, 2017

Similar to a villa wedding, a hotel or resort wedding in Bali provides you with the convenience of everything in one place. Your friends and family can all stay in the same location and you don’t have to worry about transport and logistics. What it doesn’t offer is the privacy of a villa wedding. Very few hotels and resorts will be able to provide complete privacy as the accommodation will be open to other guests. You need to be prepared for other guests or members of the public being part of the background scenery in your wedding photos and maybe even taking a few shots of their own!

A hotel or resort wedding in Bali can also be quite inflexible. So you will probably have limited choice in terms of décor and vendors that you can use. If you are happy with a hassle free pre-made wedding then this is a good option.

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