Where In Bali To Host My Wedding?

Where In Bali To Host My Wedding?

Posted by Bali Happy Events at August 02, 2020

Wedding Venue in Bali: Noku

Pic 1: Noku Beach House


So you have decided on Bali as your destination wedding Island the next question is where to host your wedding. Bali although quite a small Island does offer a diverse range of settings from beach front, cliff top to lush tropical jungle settings or overlooking a river.

The next question is where on the Island most peoples preferred location is the Seminyak area and Canggu is also fast becoming a favourite both these areas are located on the west coast of the Island. Unfortunately, as these areas have become so popular with holiday makers, they have become extremely busy areas with the infamous Bali traffic causing chaos during peak times. You need to be prepared to be stuck in traffic particularly if you have your heart set on Canggu, the state of the roads have not been kept in line with the booming popularity of the area. In some instances, it has taken well over 2 hours to travel the short distance from the airport to Canggu. Of course, once you have arrived at your destination the rewards are justified. It is worth keeping in mind though and to warn your guests about the possible travel delays, as you don’t want people turning up late on your big day.

Wedding Venue in Bali: Villa Beji Canggu

Pic 2: Villa Beji Canggu


The east coast of Bali is nowhere near as busy and is serviced by a toll road and freeway, not to mention the huge savings available with many of the venues on the east coast in the Ketewel area costing less than half that of Seminyak and Canggu. If you are interested in some of the options please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our favourite Villas would have to be Pushpapuri beach front Villa a tropical oasis and suitable for weddings of up top 60 people.

Wedding Venue in Bali: Pushpapuri Villa

Pic 3: Pushpapuri Villa


Next we look at the area Bali is probably most famous for and that is the Cliff top Villas. ALL the cliff top Villas are located on the Bukit peninsula within a stone’s throw of the infamous Uluwatu surf break. There a re many options available but be prepared to break out the cheque book as these prime locations do not come cheap with the venue costs often consuming close to half your wedding budget. If though like many your heart is set on a cliff top overlooking the Indian ocean the Bukit peninsula will become your destination.

Wedding Venue in Bali: Villa Pemutih

Pic 4: Villa Pemutih


Next up we head to Ubud the cultural hub of Bali as well as the home to many lush jungle villas. The options are endless in Ubud and if you decide that the beach or cliff is not your thing and you would like to explore the idea of celebrating you big day surrounded by lush tropical rainforests or overlooking some of the dramatic rivers or gauges Ubud is definitely the place to consider.

Wedding Venue in Bali: Villa Kamaniiya

Pic 5: Villa Kamaniiya


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