Wedding Arch of the year

Wedding arches are a popular and visually stunning element in any wedding, and with the wide range of flowers available in Bali, the arch designs are endless. Bali is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, lush tropical settings, and vibrant culture, making it a sought-after destination for weddings.

Why are wedding arches important?

Traditionally the wedding arch is a symbol of the future home shared by the couple; the arch representing the roof under they share their new journey and life together. A wedding arch is usually the first place your loved ones will see you as a married couple, so your wedding arch serves as a symbolic frame for the moment you exchange your vows and start a new journey together. Your first wedding photos as a married couple are taken in front of your arch, so choosing the flowers, colours and shape of the arch is a personal touch to your wedding – and one that we can help you design!

What kind of arch should we have?

You dream it, we make it happen – and we believe that anything is possible!  Our wedding arches are designed to blend harmoniously with the tropical beauty of Bali; using materials like bamboo, driftwood, flowers, fabric and other local style elements. Couples may choose to incorporate traditional Balinese design elements, like intricate wood carvings or Batik fabric, to infuse local culture into their wedding decor, or go with an ultra modern shape and structure. Everything is possible!

Where should our wedding arch go?

Whether your wedding is garden style, on one of Bali’s beautiful beaches, on a clifftop, or in a stunning villa, your arch frames the photos of you and the stunning background of your choice. We help you find the most stunning wedding locations in Bali – creating the perfect views being framed by your wedding arch.

How do we choose our Bali wedding flowers?

Flowers play a significant role in all Bali weddings, used to decorate wedding arches, table settings, cushions, and the aisle. Orchids, carnations, roses, snapdragons and other tropical blooms can be woven into intricate arrangements and used throughout the wedding design. We have our own in-house florist to create romantic and beautiful floral decorations and bouquets, including for your wedding arch. Did you know we also have a flower bible that we share with all of our couples to help them choose their Bali blooms?

How will our arch look as the wedding goes from day to night?

Wedding arches can be enhanced as the sun sets with subtle lighting; we love using fairy lights, lanterns, or candles, to create a magical and whimsical atmosphere as the sun sets. This soft lighting adds a touch of romance, elegance and poetry to the setting. Your wedding arch can be used as a photo backdrop so you can enjoy it throughout the whole night!

So, what was the arch of the year?

Without question, our couples chose the Snowy wedding arch, for it’s delicacy and fluffiness, simplicity and subtle beauty – baby’s breath blooms with a hint of peacocks woven around the arch and draped softly around the arch. This stunning wedding arch is also popular because it stands out at any wedding venue – it adds delicacy to a beach wedding; a dramatic frame for a green jungle backdrop; and sits back perfectly in any setting.

But don’t take our word for it – scroll through these images to see how this gorgeous wedding arch looks in our Bali wedding venues.

Remember that Bali weddings, like any destination weddings, require careful planning and coordination to ensure a seamless and joyful experience. We work with you on every aspect of your wedding, ensuring you have your dream Bali wedding and creating memories of a lifetime.

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